About Khari Johnson


I’m a reporter and storyteller who writes about bots and artificial intelligence for VentureBeat.

I’ve spent my career building news startups and working with companies to explore new business models for online news and am attracted to companies with a healthy entrepreneurial spirit and passion for impact, profit, and sustainability.

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At NewCo Shift, as the company’s first full-time editorial hire, I created the company’s editorial voice and built its first editorial product, the NewCo Daily newsletter.

As an editor at Patch, over more than three years I built a relationship with the local community based on trust, which helped generate UGC, sources, and original reporting ranging from crime to politics to community events.

I am founder of Through the Cracks, a project started in 2014 to help bring underreported stories to light and empower media entrepreneurs around the world.

I’m a big believer in the impact of “the countless small actions of unknown people”, and that the greatest change comes from the bottom-up. I also enjoy geeking out on research, document digging, and long public meetings.

My work has been published by Media Arts Center of San Diego, San Diego News Network, and Voice of San Diego as well as San Francisco Chronicle, CNN Money, and Business 2.0 Magazine.

In addition to reporting the news, I’ve worked as a freelance photographer for multiple photo studios and a mix of civic organizations, artists and individual clients.

I’ve reported stories across California, Colorado Springs and South Florida. I’ve also reported from Mexico, Holland, Denmark, Italy, France, Turkey and as far east as the borders of Syria and Iraq. In 2008 I was one of two reporters sent to Denver, Colo. to cover the Democratic National Convention by the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s politics blog. As part of the Europe in the World program in 2005-06 I joined students from eight other countries across Europe to report stories across the continent.

Best way to get a hold of me is to email kharijohnson@gmail.com or you can find me on Twitter @kharijohnson.